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Developed by Alcatel-Lucent at the Ford ConnectedCar Hackathon, 3sACrowd offers callers a more private experience by using the SeatBeltStatus VehicularData to determine if there are other passengers in the car. The caller then has the option of declining to place the call if privacy is preferred, and the driver receives a notification about the private call attempt.Additionally, if the driver has two or more mobile phones, only one can be paired with SYNC due to bluetooth profile pairing restrictions. This app allows the driver to automatically forward(virtual-pair) all their calls to their primary phone for the duration of their trip. This enables the driver to legally answer inbound calls made to any of their mobile devices located in the car in bluetooth hands-free mode using SYNC which is bluetooth-paired with the primary phone.
More details about the Ford Applink SDK can be found at and the Alcatel-Lucent New Conversation APIs can be found at .